Are You Practicing On a Clean Yoga Mat?

You’ve heard it before, that sticky ripping sound of someone unrolling a yoga mat right beside you. You’ve felt the breeze caused by the person flopping their mat down onto the bamboo floor, sending a puff of air and who knows how many germs into your face.

There’s a reason you have your own yoga mat. You don’t want to step onto a mat that hasn’t been cleaned properly. Maybe there’s toe fungus on it. Maybe there’s sweat or saliva. Maybe there’s…worse. You don’t know, and you’re too scared to find out.

But what about YOUR yoga mat? Do you clean your personal yoga mat the way it should be cleaned? With proper yoga mat cleaner? Is it your mat making that sticky ripping sound as you have to manually unroll it before practice? Does your mat have a hint of funky smell left over from yoga classes past?
A yoga mat should smell fresh and feel clean and dry to the touch. It should unroll easily and make no noise as it does.

Your skin is loaded with organisms that leave your body when you sweat. When you roll up your yoga mat immediately after practice, you roll up a perfect storm of contamination into a warm, humid environment and leave it until the next time you step onto your mat. Fungus, bacteria, viruses – all of them are now invited to grow in the warm confines of your rolled up yoga mat. It doesn’t take long for a microbe colony to double or triple in size between yoga classes, especially if you practice yoga in a hot or heated room.

Your yoga mat deserves to be kept clean. You deserve to practice on a clean yoga mat. We take yoga mat cleaning seriously at Bohemia Skincare.
Our YOGANET yoga mat cleaner is a natural solution for cleaning your yoga mat. YOGANET yoga mat cleaner combines natural antibacterial and antifungal ingredients like tea tree oil and cedar hydrosol with the natural antimicrobial cleaning power of vinegar along with relaxing and antiseptic lavender oil.

Cleaning your yoga mat with YOGANET yoga mat cleaner will leave your mat feeling and smelling fresh and clean. Step onto your yoga mat with confidence knowing you’ve started your practice mindfully before you even unrolled it.

Who are we?


YOGANET is a natural yoga mat cleaner made to preserve your hygiene when you perform yoga practice regularly
Why you should use YOGANET as your yoga mat cleaner

Doing a healthy activity goes with clean and natural product. YOGANET is composed of ceder hydrosol, vinegar and essential oil of lavender and tee tree.

All these product are soft cleaner and disinfectant. they will not deterior your yoga mat. On the opposite the soft cleaning action of vinegar will keep your yoga mat clean and bring back his adherence.

Essential oil are known for their multiple properties. Ceder, Lavender and tee tree are often use for disinfecting and antibacterial action.

Packaging and recycling is a big thing to manage for our modern society. We use aluminum container for is solidity and effective protection. you can easily carry it around and refill it as needed


    Disinfectant and antifungal


    One of the best natural cleaning agents with antimicrobial properties


    Have antiseptic and relaxant properties


    Antibacterial and antifungal









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